Writing Courses

Welcome to the NEO Good Writing Workshop! Would you like to improve your writing in English, whatever your profession? Our writing workshops are designed to help advanced learners refine their technique and writing style in English for the purposes of:

Publishing scholarly articles
Corporate communications (e-mails, reports, proposals)

We offer small group classes organized in 8-wk. segments. The basic idea of the course is to identify bad writing habits and replace them with good ones aimed at clearer, more concise communication. Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

Principles of Plain English (how to be clear, efficient and concise)
Grammar/Structural Issues (finally do away with preposition confusion)
Document Style/Audience (how to best to address your specific audience)
Sociolinguistic Appropriateness (how to word your e-mails)
Text analysis (good and bad)

The topics covered may be adjusted to best fit the overall class objectives and interests. And if you have profession-specific writing to work on (reports, papers, etc.), we can workshop those directly in class.

Target students: Spanish-speakers with advanced, fluent English
Cost: ARS 800 / 8 classes of 1.5 hrs. each
Group size: 3-8 students
Location: Guise 1606, 1A, Capital